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**Serene specializes in the natural nail and we DO NOT do any type of acrylic, dip OR artificial nails.

Polish Change, Hands-$15​
Spa Manicure-$30
(Starts w/ DoTerra essential oil towelette then nails are soaked, trimmed, shaped, buffed, cuticle care, massage w/ Honey Chai Lotion & finish w/ Zoya polish)
French Manicure-$38
(Spa mani w/ French tips)
Child's Mani-$18 (Ages 10 or under)
Gel Polish Manicure-$37 (one color)
(Spa manicure w/ gel polish)
French Gel-$46
*Extra charge for nail art
Zoya Naked Manicure-$40
(Spa mani w/ Zoya Hydrating Serum, Zoya Repair Lotion, finish w/ nail strengthening base & top coat)
Serene Manicure-$45
(Spa Manicure with FarmHouse Fresh Honey Glaze Hydrating Treatment w/ warm mitts, hot towel finish & Zoy Polish of choice)
​Serene Luxury Manicure-$55
(Spa Manicure w/ FarmHouse Fresh Honey Lavender Scrub, Honey Glaze Hydrating treatment, Clementine Oil w/ warm mitts, warm towel finish & Zoya polish of choice)



Polish Change, feet-$20
Spa Pedicure-$45 
(Soak, trim, shape, cuticle care, buff, scrub w/ FarmHouse Fresh Honey Lavendar, massage w/ FHF Honey Chai, hot towel finish & Zoya polish)
French Pedicure-$55
(Spa mani w/ French tips)
​Child's Pedi-$25 (Ages 10 or under)
Serene Pedicure-$65
(Spa pedicure & FHF Peat Detox Mask w/ warm mitts, hot towel finish & Zoya polish)
Serene Luxury Pedicure-$70
(Spa pedicure & FHF Heel Honey Glaze, FHF Peat Detox Mask w/ warm mitts, hot stone & hot towel finish & Zoya polish)
Gel Pedicure-$65
(Spa pedicure w/ gel polish)
Seasonal Pedicure-$65
(Pumpkin Marshmallow Souffle-Spa pedicure & FHF Whipped Honey Sea Salt Scrub, FHF Red Hot Body Oil Treatment, FHF Pumpkin Mask, massage w. FHF marshmallow creme)

OPTIONAL Pedicure Add-Ons:
FHF Heel Honey Glaze-$5
FHF Hand Treatment-$10
10 minute massage-$10


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