*Serene specializes in the natural nail and we DO NOT do any type of acrylic, dip OR artificial nails.
​Spa Manicure-$25 
Trim, shape, buff, massage, cuticle care, soak & polish
Gel Polish Manicure-$32 (one color)
*Extra charge for nail art
Zoya Naked Manicure-$35
Strengthen & repair with this Spa Manicure plus hydrating serum
Serene Manicure-$40
Spa Manicure with hydrating treatment in warm mitts
Serene Luxury Manicure-$50
Spa Manicure plus sugar scrub & paraffin treatment
Spa Pedicure-$40
(Warm towel, trim, shape, buff, massage, cuticle care, soak & polish)
Bath Bomb Pedicure-$50
(Spa pedicure plus your choice of scented bath bomb)
Serene Pedicure-$55
(Spa pedicure plus mask & scrub)
Serene Luxury Pedicure-$65
(Spa pedicure plus mask, scrub, & paraffin)
Pumpkin Spice-$55
(Spa pedicure with pumpkin scrub & lotion, with warm towel finish)
Hot Stone Pedicure-$60
(Spa pedicure with hot stone feet and leg massage with warm towel finish)
Personalized Essential Oil Pedicure-$70
(Your choice of: Relaxation, Immune Boosting, or Mood Uplifting Essential Oil.  Your selection will then be used in a neck warmer, in the table side diffuser, in the pedicure bath, for the foot & leg massage, and hot towel finish.  You will also receive a complimentary take home roller ball w/ the essential oil of choice.) 
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